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HYPERAMS Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

HYPERAMS, a full-service auction, appraisal, retail liquidation, and reverse logistics firm, celebrated its 10th year last month. The HYPERAMS management team recently reflected on the company’s decade in business, its successful growth over the years, and its continued commitment to its clients and business opportunities going forward.

The company was established by Founder and President Tom Pabst in late 2010 as a boutique asset disposition firm, specializing in industrial auctions and inventory liquidations. “I felt that there was a place in the market for an asset disposition organization based on honesty, integrity, and always placing the client’s needs first,” said Pabst. “So much of our business has been driven by these principles, whether from advisors who have trusted us to do the right thing, or clients who return to use our services because of our performance and customer service. Over the years, we have built a team that is focused on these core ideals, solving problems of any size for clients, and always striving for excellence along the way. I couldn’t be more thankful for the trust the marketplace has put in us, and the faith our team had to join me in this endeavor.”

After several years of successfully conducting both small and large auction and liquidation projects, HYPERAMS formally launched its inventory and machinery and equipment asset appraisal division in 2014. “I will admit that the appraisal business was not even considered in my original business plan,” said Pabst. However, after several years of scratching the surface, and more banks and other lending institutions requesting the appraisal product, Pabst decided to more aggressively expand this offering and hired Senior Managing Director of Appraisal Services Jonathan Deptula to lead the newly formed appraisal division.

Over the past six years, Deptula has worked tirelessly to grow the division to its current position as a leading national appraisal practice. HYPERAMS’ appraisal division is now on the approved vendor list for almost every major lending institution in the country and is known in the industry for its commitment to producing high-quality, reliable appraisals for virtually every industry vertical. “We are proud of the growth we have had in our appraisal practice,” noted Deptula. “We have built a solid team that is focused on providing a great product and high level of customer service. We look forward to continued growth in our appraisal business.” Pabst concurred, noting “I am so proud of the growth the appraisal group has achieved over the past six years, and know that this growth will continue with the great leadership and team we have in place.”

As a financial services firm, HYPERAMS has invested heavily in its greatest asset – its personnel. “Over the years, HYPERAMS has built a solid team of professionals, many of whom are auction, liquidation, and appraisal industry veterans with decades of experience,” said Chief Financial Officer Bob Pabst. In addition to seasoned industry veterans, the business has worked to support the next generation of auctioneers and appraisers. “It has been so important over the past few years to put a strong personnel infrastructure in place that will take HYPERAMS into the future,” added Senior Vice President Gene Arenson. “While there are things yet to be accomplished, we are extremely comfortable that the key executives hired – and all of their fellow teammates – will propel this firm to new heights into the next decade.”

In addition to its own team, HYPERAMS has been heavily involved with supporting the industries in which it operates over the past 10 years. Arenson noted that not only have HYPERAMS team members been active in industry organizations and associations over the past several years, but they have also taken on leadership roles, as well. Organizations that HYPERAMS has been proud to support include the Turnaround Management Association, Secured Finance Network, National Auctioneers Association, Machinery Dealers National Association, Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers, Midwest Business Brokers and Intermediaries, and many others.

HYPERAMS is sincerely grateful for the clients, employees, and industry partners that have contributed to its growth over the past decade and is looking forward to continuing offering its services in the years ahead. “Our motto has always been – and always will be – ‘Big Firm Quality, Small Firm Service.’ Thanks so much to all of those who have supported us in the last 10 years,” concluded Pabst.

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HYPERAMS is a full-service auction, appraisal, retail liquidation, and reverse logistics firm. We specialize in assisting both distressed and healthy companies manage surplus assets by providing a complete asset disposition strategy. The Asset Disposition division focuses on investing in and monetizing assets through orderly liquidations and live and webcast auctions. The Appraisal division provides valuations of machinery & equipment and inventory in all industry verticals. HYPERAMS has performed thousands of appraisals, auctions, and store closings on behalf of financial institutions, restructuring professionals, private equity firms, and business owners. Our reputation is our best asset.


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