Current and Upcoming Auctions and Liquidations


Locations: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


May 24, 2022, 10am CT

CNC Machines, support equipment and tools, vehicles, watercraft, and more.

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David Fiegel, Sale Contact


Locations: Bismarck, MO & Dupo, IL


June 2, 2022, 10am CT

Pressline Services - Secured Creditor Sale.

Newspaper and commercial printer service firm: web press parts, repair parts, change parts, full parts inventory liquidation.

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David Fiegel, Sale Contact

Auction Bidders

Browse the list of current and upcoming HYPERAMS auctions and liquidations for:

  • Metal fabrication machinery

  • Precision machining equipment

  • Construction vehicles and equipment

  • Plastics manufacturing equipment

  • Facility support equipment

  • much more…

HYPERAMS is a member of the National Auctioneers Association and is affiliated with major industrial auction hosting firms Bidspotter and Auction HQ. 

If you're a first-time bidder, please read our guide on auction definitions and the bidding process. 

Equipment / Excess Asset Sellers  

HYPERAMS' auction services division team includes seasoned professionals with over 75 years of combined industry experience. The team conducts live, webcast, and online auctions, as well as sealed bid sales throughout the United States and Canada in a variety of industry verticals. No project is too big or small; HYPERAMS has managed auction projects with proceeds ranging from $50 thousand to over $16 million. 

The HYPERAMS team is committed to dedicating its resources, including manpower, industry knowledge, and technological capabilities towards making every project a success. Regardless of size, each project receives the full attention of project managers, site personnel, support team members - all the way up to the top of our corporate leadership. 


Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about how HYPERAMS' proven strategies can maximize the recovery dollars of your equipment or excess assets.