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HYPERAMS’ retail maximization solutions are developed with flexibility to meet the needs of our retail partners. HYPERAMS not only strives to achieve its clients’ goals, but designs strategies to exceed those expectations. Our proven solutions formula includes:

 Effective marketing and advertising programs to assist in maximizing footfall;

 Goal-oriented merchandising and signing solutions geared toward increasing inventory turnover;

 Detailed data analysis targeted at optimizing markdowns, inventory flow, and increasing sales; and

 Providing a team of retail operations and financial professionals who specialize in the planning and          execution of solutions-based  strategies.

Store Operating Optimization                 


Solutions include targeted programs to improve operating margins and inventory maximization, comprehensive analysis of category-level performance results and trends, as well as reverse logistics and brokered sales of distressed, return-to-vendor, or obsolete stock.

Store Closure Maximization


Solutions are recovery-oriented in order to maximize returns within a store closing environment. Services include managing an unlimited number of locations with our team of professionals and the development of a comprehensive discount and sales plan to generate the highest possible return to the client.

Clearance Centers


HYPERAMS’ clearance center operating models are recovery-oriented and equipped to handle all types of discontinued, distressed, or obsolete inventory initiatives. Solutions include the development of marketing and advertising plans and the provision of  experienced professionals to manage and execute the clearance center operation.


Josuda Corp. d/b/a Shade Tree Powersports

Middlefield, Ohio and Big Lake, Minnesota


Situation: The company peacefully surrendered its assets, which included inventory from two locations and a distribution center, to a secured creditor.


Actions: HYPERAMS’ team reopened the store and restarted the webstore, which had both been shut down for three months. After significant success in the Ohio location, HYPERAMS also opened the shuttered Minnesota location that had been closed for over eight months with a significant amount of unsold product.

Results: HYPERAMS’ strategy to reopen the physical stores and the e-store resulted in a superior net recovery for the secured lender over any bulk purchase offers it had received.

Sale Strategy Achieved Superior Results Over Bulk Purchase Offers


Central and Western Canada 


Situation: Parent company Hudson’s Bay Co. decided to exit its general merchandise banner Fields. Hudson’s Bay was able to sell a portion of the stores to a going concern buyer, and needed to close the remaining 84 stores. 

Actions: HYPERAMS conducted a store closing sale over a five-month period, staggering the store closing sales by market to provide the most efficient cost recovery while selling through millions of dollars of inventory in the supply chain.

Results: HYPERAMS exceeded its projected net recovery value as a percentage of cost by more than 5.0%.

Staggered Store Closing Strategy Reduced Expenses and Increased Recovery Values

Fox & Obel

Chicago, Illinois 

Situation: Restaurant equipment retailer filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and shuttered its doors immediately.

Actions: After the store had been closed for a week, HYPERAMS reopened the store within two days to conduct a highly successful three-day store closing sale. After the sale, HYPERAMS set up a live/webcast auction for the equipment.

Results: HYPERAMS sold 98% of the inventory during the store closing sale, with the remaining inventory and equipment sold during the auction. HYPERAMS returned the property to the landlord empty and in good condition. The client recovered 40% more in proceeds by holding the three-day store closing event prior to the auction and exceeded expectations in the sale of fixed assets.

Store Closing Sale Strategy Recovered 40% More in Anticipated Proceeds

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Solutions for Complex Scenarios Faced By Today's Retailers 

HYPERAMS can offer flexible, scalable solutions that fit all types of complex scenarios faced by today’s retailers, helping them make timely decisions that grow sales and profits. These services include:

 Store operations improvement;

 Maximization of net returns from         store closings;

  Online retailer sales and                         liquidations;

  Excess, obsolete, or discontinued        inventory management via                   clearance centers and pop-up              shops; and

 Inventory monitoring and                    consulting, as well as providing            advisory services on how to                  structure, manage, and reconcile        large liquidation projects.

Experienced Professionals Dedicated to Serving Retail Clients

HYPERAMS’  retail maximization services team includes seasoned professionals with years of retail operating experience.


HYPERAMS has performed liquidation and inventory maximization projects across a wide range of industries throughout the U.S. and Canada, including both retail store closures and liquidations via online channels. Major  and/or recent projects include:

  Retail liquidations of Lord &                 Taylor Home and Outlet stores;           Fields; RONA; and Robb &                     Stuckey;

  Online liquidation sales of Josuda       Corp. d/b/a Shade Tree                           Powersports and Food Service             Warehouse;

 Advisory consultant pursuant to a      270-location “big box” retail store        closing in Canada; and

 Reverse logistics provider of                  excess and RTV inventory of                  Target Canada and Bucketfeet.

See our Past Engagements for additional retail services projects. 

At Your Service

How can HYPERAMS help you with your retail and inventory needs? Please contact us today to set up a consultation and discuss your unique challenges. 

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