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Reverse Logistics Services

HYPERAMS is affiliated with nationally recognized reverse logistics firm, Hyper Microsystems, allowing it to clean, refurbish and resell items that otherwise would appear to have little or no value.


We are able to purchase finished goods inventory and utilize the Hyper Microsystems distribution center for staging, storage and resale. 


We can sell branded consumer product on an orderly basis over time through the use of our distribution facilities, allowing us to achieve higher resale prices. Achievement of better than “fire sale” prices allows us to ultimately provide clients with higher cash purchase prices.  


By partnering with Hyper MicroSystems both companies can offer experience, resources and financial strength to provide the most value for excess assets of all types.  Having state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise of the management, our partnership helps out clients realize the maximum value for excess or returned assets.  


The partnership enables both companies to provide value-added services for the consumer electronics and computer industry. These services include asset recovery maximization through global remarketing, testing/screening, refurbishing and repackaging capabilities, returns and warranty management and environmentally sound recycling practices.  


Since joining forces, HYPERAMS and Hyper Microsystems have purchased excess and return to vendor inventory of Archbrook Laguna, Cables Unlimited, Dumoulin, Cobra Electronics, Coby and RadioShack providing timeliness and cost efficient solutions to the professionals managing the wind down of these businesses.

Our Sister Company










Hyper Microsystems serves the consumer electronics, IT parts and electronic components industries for over 15 years, Hyper Microsystems is the one stop shop for aftermarket service and reverse logistic needs.


With warehouses in Illinois and Florida, Hyper Microsystems' are staffed with 100+ employees and are equipped with high-tech tools and inventory processing systems to process large values of inventory.


Hyper Microsystems has the resources to fund any size transaction and they are constantly looking to buy customer returns of working or defective consumer electronics, overstock ,excess and end-of-life equipment.


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