Auction and Liquidation Services  

The Asset Disposition division focuses on investing in excess assets and conducting live and webcast auctions, as well as retail store liquidations.

Burdette Wilber 

Director of Auction Services

(847) 499-7029

Jake Josko

Assistant Director of Retail Services 

(847) 499-7030 

Gene Arenson

Senior Vice President

(262) 225-5857

Appraisal Services 

The Appraisal division provides valuations of machinery & equipment and inventory in all industry verticals. All correspondence is kept confidential. 

Jonathan Deptula

Director of Appraisal Services

(847) 499-7028

Dan Quirk

Managing Director of Valuations, Business Development

(262) 339-5326 

Kathleen Parker

Director of Business Development

(847) 499-7049

General Inquiries

For general inquiries, please email or fill out the form below. 

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