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Whiskey Exchange

Auction Details

Auction Date and Time

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Lots begin closing at 2:00pm ET

Type of Auction

Live virtual auction conducted online, there is no on-site auction component. Qualified bidders will be provided a private link to access the catalog and live virtual auction.

Auction Overview

Great selection of NYS high-rye and high-wheat bourbons with honey malt 2-3 years old; NYS Empire Rye 1-2 years - all in 18 & 24 month seasoned 53G oak barrels; Blue Corn MO bourbon up to 5 years old in Q Alba 53G barrels; (90) 15G barrels of Blue & Red corn bourbons and whiskeys in Chinkapin barrels. Gin, rum and more in single and multiple barrel lots expected to be added.


Call to add yours today! Wholesale only.


*Participation limited to licensed distillers and independent bottlers with active bonds. All licenses must be verified prior to auction date. Please submit copies of TIB credentials to not later than April 29.

Auction Contact

David Fiegel, Managing Director of Auction Services



Freight, pick-up: All freight charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. Designated freight provider for this auction is Timeless LLC. Freight charges are invoiced separately by Timeless depending on the quantity purchased and shipping destination. Contact Timeless at (716) 949-1398 or Shipment terms are FCA Buyers Truck, loaded at origin location, Incoterms 2020. Purchasers may arrange pick-up with their own truck, contact auctioneer for details and to make arrangements

Samples available, please contact auctioneer for details

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