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Current and Upcoming Inventory Liquidations and Retail Store Closings

Orderly Liquidation Sale of Excess Inventory 

Maurice Sporting Goods 

Over $20 million of excess inventory of major sporting goods wholesaler, including fishing equipment and supplies, camping equipment, hunting equipment and accessories, hunting apparel, archery equipment, marine and water sport accessories, outdoor recreation products, gifts and lifestyle goods, home goods, and novelty products

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Solutions for Complex Scenarios Faced By Today's Retailers 

HYPERAMS can offer flexible, scalable solutions that fit all types of complex scenarios faced by today’s retailers, helping them make timely decisions that grow sales and profits. These services include:

 Store operations improvement;

 Maximization of net returns from         store closings;

  Online retailer sales and                         liquidations;

  Excess, obsolete, or discontinued        inventory management via                   clearance centers and pop-up              shops; and

 Inventory monitoring and                    consulting, as well as providing            advisory services on how to                  structure, manage, and reconcile        large liquidation projects.

Experienced Professionals Dedicated to Serving Retail Clients

HYPERAMS’  retail maximization services team includes seasoned professionals with years of retail operating experience.


HYPERAMS has performed liquidation and inventory maximization projects across a wide range of industries throughout the U.S. and Canada, including both retail store closures and liquidations via online channels. Major  and/or recent projects include:

  Retail liquidations of Lord &                 Taylor Home and Outlet stores;           Fields; RONA; and Robb &                     Stuckey;

  Online liquidation sales of Josuda       Corp. d/b/a Shade Tree                           Powersports and Food Service             Warehouse;

 Advisory consultant pursuant to a      270-location “big box” retail store        closing in Canada; and

 Reverse logistics provider of                  excess and RTV inventory of                  Target Canada and Bucketfeet.

See our Past Engagements for additional retail services projects. 

At Your Service

How can HYPERAMS help you with your retail and inventory needs? Please contact us today to set up a consultation and discuss your unique challenges. 

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