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Managing Director, Machinery & Equipment

Phone: (262) 853-6270

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As Managing Director of Machinery & Equipment at HYPERAMS, LLC, Mike utilizes his appraisal and management experience to ensure that the appraisal needs of HYPERAMS' clients are met and the internal operational processes that are key to good client experiences run smoothly. Responsibilities include scheduling internal staff and subcontractors for appraisal engagements and ensuring that there are adequate resources to complete each valuation engagement in a timely fashion, managing clients' deliverables, and managing staff and staffing levels – which includes employee performance reviews, setting objectives, hiring and training new staff members, identifying and facilitating training opportunities for more experienced staff.

Specialties: Machinery and equipment valuations, insurance appraisals, asset based lending (ABL), purchase price allocations (FAS 141), IFRS reporting, DIP financing, consulting, certified expert witness

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