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About Us
HYPERAMS has the experience, resources and financial strength to provide the most value for excess assets.   Following is a list of our services along with the superior methods in which we help our clients meet their objectives and achieve success.    

  • We purchase and manage the resale, collection or redevelopment of excess assets, wholesale inventories, fixed assets and other fixtures, providing clients with up-front cash when needed.
  • We can sell branded consumer product on an orderly basis over time through use of our own distribution facilities, allowing us to achieve higher resale prices.  Achievements of better than "fire sale" prices allow us to ultimately assist our clients through higher up-front purchase prices.  
  • We invest in assets "up and down" the balance sheet, unlike some of our competitors who only invest in single asset classes.  

Machinery, equipment and other assets are sold both through orderly liquidation and auctions, including live onsite, webcast and online sales. 

We handle all aspects of and absorb the cost for preparing assets to be sold, including comprehensive marketing, logistics coordination, asset removal and financial accounting support. 

We are affiliated with a national reverse logistics firm and have the capital to fund any size transaction.

Our Sister Company
Serving the consumer electronics, IT parts and electronic components industries for over 15 years, Hyper Microsystems is a one stop shop for aftermarket service and reverse logistic needs.

With 150,000 square feet of warehouse space located in Vernon Hills, Illinois and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Hyper Microsystems' facilities are staffed with 100+ employees and are equipped with high-tech tools and inventory processing systems to process large values of inventory.

Hyper Microsystems has the resources to fund any size transaction and they are constantly looking to buy customer returns of working or defective consumer electronics, overstock, excess, and end-of-life equipment. 

World Leader in Live Interactive Auction Broadcasts

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